11 September 2013

A Quick Check-In (To Laugh At Other People)

I'm pounding away on the SCA projects, and I'm also right in the middle of building a table for my electronic keyboard, as well as a new workbench for my shop! Whee! Busy!

If you'd like to see the SCA stuff, it's over here.  

The table and bench will be up as soon as they're finished, and I'm hoping to get at least one of them done by this weekend.

Meanwhile, I went to Texas Thrift Store last night, killing time before I had to be somewhere else.  TTS is one of my favorite thrift stores in town.  It  was recently featured on Refashionista and is mentioned often on Thrift Horror.  I follow both blogs, and I have to say, Thrift Horror in particular cracks me the f#ck UP, often first thing in the morning when I need it most.

Because schadenfreude and coffee are just a match made in heaven, dontchaknow.

Anyhow, I discovered a couple of my own thrift horrors, and I thought I'd share them with you: 

I'm sure someone made this with love.  Or something.


Was the bottle cold?  Do you shake this at football games when your team scores?

Who's out there scouring thrift stores for a beer bottle covered in dirty yarn?

It's too bad the bottle isn't blue.

I very nearly said something out loud when I saw this.  Then I had to pretend to admire it while I made sure the guy admiring a dish drainer four feet away wasn't watching me take pictures of thing, lol.  (I do, actually, often photograph items I'm interested in in a store, so that if I don't buy them, I know what to come back for).

I know they sell lampshades like this, but this one is homemade.  Someone glued a bunch of really cheap polyester rose petals all over this poor bell shade, and then whole roses all the way around the lip, most of which have fallen off.

Also the glue was...greebly...and peeling, and separating from things.  Which I guess was why the thing was falling apart.  I was tempted to buy it and clean it up just to make it feel better.

What I DID buy, though, was a couple of really zesty dresses, one which is fabulous as-is, and the other needs a tiny bit of "refashioning" to be completely fabulous.  I'll show you when I'm done.  It's at the end of  a loooooong to-do list.  :)

Lub yooz!


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