29 August 2013

It Really Is That Easy

Pinterest is full of DIY instructions for making simple rings out of jewelry wire.  Like this one, or any of these.  My BFF ribs me about how often I say, in various circumstances, "I could make that in like an hour!" or "I'm not paying that price when I could make this in a better color for like ten bucks!"   Mostly it's because I never actually follow through.

But this time:

Tada!  So easy a caveman could do it!  I used a silver-colored memory wire, like I used for the beaded hoop earrings I made last month.  It was already round, and already mostly finger-sized - I just had to wind it around the cap of a nail polish bottle to tighten it to fit.  (I really wish I had a ring sizer, though).

I have to say, it's been a long time since I had a ring I could wear on my first two fingers.  I have BIG fingers, you guys.  My hands are short and broad, like everyone in my family;  add to that all the work that I do with my hands that has made them strong and muscular, and the bit of extra weight I'm carrying - my index finger is like a size 12, I think.  I'll definitely be making more rings in the future!


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