24 September 2013


Last night I swung by the home of a friend of mine to borrow some cash for dog food, because I completely fail at life and am increasingly broke all the time.  I managed to get there far too early (one of the few times "good" traffic wasn't actually working in my favor), and so, seeing that some people in the neighborhood had their bulk items out on the curb for pickup, I decided to take a spin around the area to see what I could see.

Holy. Crap. Did I score big.  I picked up a hideous little 70s double-decker nightstand/side table, kinda like this one:

(images via google search.)

It's not exactly this style; but the overall construction is the same.  And the construction is sound; it's just the finish that's peeling and chipped and...is that a burn mark?


I have a very cool idea for this thing.

I also found a cute little footstool that needs kind of a lot of help, but it'll be worth it:

  (no actual furniture was photographed
during the making of this post)

Basically exactly like this, except for, again, a peeling and cracked lacquer finish, wobbly legs and frame (just needs all the bolts tightened), and the fact that the top cushion needs to be completely stripped and replaced, as it's damp and moldy and EW.  May need to clean up the wood inside, too, or replace it.

Last but not least, and this is the part that blows me away:  I stopped to scope out a big comfy-looking chair at one point, and I very nearly got it.  It was pushing the edge of my willingness to repair and clean upholstered furniture, especially since I STILL haven't covered the big, white, free couch (although I did buy a new blanket to cover it with, so it looks intentional now).  It wasn't bad, and overall it was in great shape, structurally speaking, but with enough dirt, and minor dings and rips (I'm assuming that a herd of small wrestlers, or possibly ninjas, live at this house), that was I waffling over lifting it into the truck by myself, which was going to be no easy feat, lemmetellya.  Sumbitch was heavy.

I stood, hands on hips, weighing the merits of this chair, and trying to imagine, realistically, how long it would sit in my garage before I did anything about it, when I spied something I'd missed.  While I'd seen the enormous and dilapidated headboard standing next to the chair, I hadn't seen what was propped up behind it, out of sight of the road:

Three huge mirrors.  Three.  2x4', every one of them without a single chip or scratch.  WHO THROWS AWAY GIANT AWESOME MIRRORS?!  Jesus, people!  Yeah.  Screw the chair.  The mirrors went into my truck along with the footstool and side table, and away I went.  I saw my friend, I went home and fed my animals and put the evening's booty in the garage, and have been wondering what to DO with those mirrors ever since.

And then it hit me.

(yes, I measured)


I'm also pretty sure the third mirror of the trio is going to go into my sewing room, to replace the wimpy 12x45" door mirror I've been using to aid in my costumery.  Pish.  



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