05 November 2013

4AM Painty Shenanigans

[Subt. "Insomnia:  Harnessing Your Inner Crazyperson"]  

Soooo cleaning up - and fixing up - my nascent art studio is on my list, but it hasn't been very high on my list of late.  So much else to do!  All at once!  How is it ever going to get done?!  ACK!!!.

Well, apparently, sleeplessness will do the trick.  I've had chronic and recurrent insomnia all my life.  Most of the time it comes and goes, in 2-3 week cycles;  it's been absent for a couple of months now (in fact, lately, I can't seem to do anything but sleep), and I had just about forgotten about it...until last night, when, at 2am, I realized I'd been lying in bed for a really long time, not sleeping, and it was starting to piss me off.  That's really, really bad for insomnia. I'd much rather be awake for no reason and up and around, than lying in bed getting angrier and more stressed about how dead I'm going to be at work the next day, you know?

So I got up and walked into the art studio, to this:

Yeah.  I may have been using the giant work table in here to cut out costumes.  I may also have been throwing fabric at the trash can without looking.  ....yes, there's a trash can under there.

 The rest of the corner is a bit...pile-y...but not too bad.  I reeeeeally need to spend a few HOURS in here organizing my craft shit.   The tarp that's normally under that easel?  Got peed on by a dog.  #%%#@!$

So last night at 2am, I cleaned all that junk up, put my toys away, emptied the trash, , put the tarp back down (I washed it the other day).

BIG DEAL.  Lemmetellya something about me:  I really, really hate seeing "before and after" when all a person does is clean their room.  You're supposed to clean it!  You don't get bloggy bonus points for undoing a hellacious mess!!

But I told you all of that, so that I can show you this:

1.  Not only is the room clean and organized and ready to be actually decorated and stuff...

2.  While 2am saw me cleaning and shuffling, 4am saw me painting a new picture!!  I'M SO EXCITED YOU GUYS WOW.

The rainy-tree thing in the  second picture was from like two months ago.  I like leaving my latest painting up on the easel until [whatever happens].   This new one's going in my front hall with the two from the art class last month;  but for now, it's decorating my easel.

I can't WAIT to get started working on this room.  It needs to start with gutting the closet and painting, hanging new shelves, and re-organizing the entire room, which will be a full weekend's worth of work at least.   After that the painting space is going to get seriously souped up.  I also want to build a new easel.  I adore this one, and it's great for sitting, but I generally prefer to stand to paint, and it's nowhere near tall enough for that.

I just haven't decided if I want to paint the walls or leave them white.

"Lotus Fire"



  1. Dyslexia: 4AM Panty Shenanigans.I thought..wow..cool..

    1. You know what's funny? Later, when I passed by my own entry in my feed, I thought the same thing.

      (yes, I subscribe to my own blogs, so that I can get an at-a-glance view of what they look like in various readers, to spot visual issues that I might not be able to see from blogger).


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