18 November 2013

Bedroom + Art

Couple of things from the weekend:

1. I went to Ikea, and I bought a loooooot of things.  The first item on my list, and the most important, was this:

Oooh, aaah...

ALVINE KVIST duvet & sham set, $39.99.  I have wanted this duvet cover for YEARS, you guys.  I finally have it.  Yay!  

I also purchased:

  1. a whole bunch of FAGLAVIK drawer handles for my kitchen, which I'm about half-done putting in place. They're $7.99 for a 2-pack, but I found a bunch in the as-is section for  $3, so I bought them all.  Turns out, I need three more two-packs!  Oops.  Pics when done. :) 
  2. an UPPLEVA (I know, right? Wth) tilting tv wall bracket, so my TV is now hung on the living room wall again!  (And now, since I've replaced the one I lost, I'll probably find it any day now). 
  3. a metric assload of small, cheap things, like you do.  

2. I painted some pictures.  A pair of canvases, for a pair of dear friends' birthdays: 

I completely forgot what I called this one, but it was for my friend Laurie, who is bright and tall and colorful, and always growing and reaching.  She's also a very spiritual person; when I was little, I thought sunbeams streaming through the clouds were happening because Heaven (which was a floating cloud island) was right there at that exact moment (God flew it around, naturally) - so this is Grace and Heaven and stuff smiling down on Laurie.   :) 

This one was for my best friend, Sylvan, and is called "Sylvan of the Trees", something I see her say a lot on her various blogs and on Pinterest.  That's her face, yes (no, it doesn't really look like her, because I'm terrible at portraiture.  You're lucky I can even draw faces that don't look like Monkey Jesus), but the whole picture is her.  I wanted to paint a picture for her, to her, but I wasn't sure what to paint - and then I decided to paint a picture of all of the things about her that I love, so that she can look at the picture and believe what she sees, even if she doesn't believe me when I tell her she's awesome.  Her response to this, of course, was to flail her hands at me, saying, "STOP GIVING ME FEELS!"   Hee.  I think she liked it. ;)  

More soon!  


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