31 March 2014


So, I've had this gift card to World Market in my wallet for over a year, right?  I'd used most of it when I got it for (my birthday? Christmas? Spinach Festival Day?), but it had fifteen dollars left on it; and I never could get around to spending it.

I know.  ME.  Not spending money at World Market.  Stand back.

Anyway, I had a great lunch with a friend yesterday, and afterward we went to World Market, and I spent the last of my gift card on two very, very important things:

That is a cute little set of melamine measuring cups, because my very last measuring cup was eaten by my Kitchenaid mixer a few weeks ago, and I've been doing everything with Pyrex 2-cup cups since.  

And below it is one of my very favorite things in the history of ever:  a wooden cooking spoon made from Olive wood.  I used to have several olive wood pieces, but my dog Shelly managed to get ahold of  my very last one (which was also my favorite one) and basically ate it two weeks ago.  Now I have the beginnings of a new collection.  Yay!! 


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