25 September 2014

I Did A Thing!

Time again for my monthly post!  Ha. Ha.

Anyway, back in March, I replaced my kitchen sink, but I ended up re-attaching the same old, broken garbage disposal that I had, rather than purchase more connections to route the drains, when I'd planned on someday replacing that disposal.

I do a lot of costume work in trade for my friends in the SCA (see costuming blog), and I just recently took on a HUGE commission from a woman who traded me, not only for a BUNCH of cool fabric, but also for - you guessed it! - a brand-new garbage disposal that she'd purchased and then never installed.  Yay!!!

They sure do look nicer than they used to, don't they?  This one's even BLUE.

It goes with my house. Heehee.

Since no project of mine is ever complete without at least one supply run to the hardware store, the new disposal didn't have a power cord.

I have to say, at this point, that I have been drenched in the kindness of strangers this week.  A nice man stopped and helped me replace a flat tire on Monday.  Then Tuesday, at the tire shop, when I couldn't afford the tire repairs and new tire I needed, the manager there gave me a massive discount that he didn't have to give me, so that I could drive away on safe wheels.

Wednesday, my friend gave me this disposal, and when the power cord kit was a dollar and a half more than I had in my wallet, the salesperson at Home Depot gave me his employee discount so I could purchase it.  Wow!!

All done!  Wiring is super-easy.  I kind of love doing it.

And here, ladies and gents, is a clean, new sink, with a clean, new, WORKING garbage disposal.  It's quiet, too - standing right over the sink, I can barely hear the disposal it when it's on.

And this is the unit I removed, sitting in the enormous bin I've had under the sink to catch the leaks for the past, oh, like YEAR.

The gaskets had gone bad (probably just with age), and the motor flooded and stopped working.  The thing had been rusting inside (obviously), and had just been filling up with water and then leaking, over and over, since the motor stopped working, even though I wasn't using that side of the sink if I could help it.

Point of interest:  garbage disposal sludge smells like bong water and vomit.


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