28 November 2016

Help I Moved Into A Giant To-Do List

I've been working my butt off around the house, though I feel like I have nothing to show for it - which is the problem with maintenance and upkeep tasks - they're not flashy, or pretty, or fun.  But things have been accomplished, all the same (I can tell by my aching muscles, the cuts and bruises all over my body, and the spray paint on my legs).

Since last we spoke, I've: 

  • replaced most of the outlet and switchplate covers in the house with new ones (old ones were yellowed, dirty, and encrusted with paint)
  • hung blinds in my bedroom (white, 2" faux-wood "plantation shutter"-esque) 
  • gutted and mostly-organized the garage (everything had been just thrown in there in a hurry and I couldn't get to anything to use it)
  • purchased and assembled the following items from IKEA: 
    • FORHOJA kitchen cart (squee!)
    • HELMER metal file cabinet (I have one serving as a "leg" on my 8'-long sewing table, I wanted another one for the other end, for even more small-items storage) 
    •  DALFRED swirly-stool, used as a plant stand in my bedroom window (I've always wanted one of these, and for once, by the time I got to Ikea, they still had it!!)
    • pillows, comforter, sheets, bathroom rugs, towels (not "assembled" so much as washed and put into use, and OMG is my bed comfy.  It's been like sleeping in a hotel bed!) 
  • spray-painted all the iron decorative things I had hanging on my front porch at the old house.  Not sure what I'll do with them, but at least they've been freshened up
  • spray-painted all the decorative push-in garden edging and placed it around the border in the front yard (no plants yet, but I'm working on that).
  •  gutted this little shelfy-nook in the living room wall, which had about a million plastic clips which were caulked (?) to the wall and had been painted over a few times;  I removed them with pliers (!!) and then scraped the holes flat and patched them, and primed over them. Here's a before picture: 
Aw, there's the old flooring. I do not miss it.
  • This isn't a me-thing, but we got Google Fiber installed on Saturday!  We had had our AT&T U-Verse transferred from the old house, but it would NOT. WORK.  Seriously, we didn't have tv, and only barely had internet and spotty wifi, since October 1.  THANK YOU GOOGLE OMG.  
  • Installed a towel rack in the master bathroom; and a towel rack, toilet roll holder, and vanity towel ring in the small bathroom. 
  • "Repaired" loose sink faucets in the master bath (they just weren't screwed together all the way)

Next Up: 

New blinds for Sylvan's room
Prime and paint everything, ever
Hang a pot rack in the kitchen
Put up new covers for the exhaust fans in both bathrooms (one missing, one broken)
Repair a leaky, running toilet - first the flapper, and if that doesn't work, the whole fill tube and float
Start looking at fabrics to reupholster the couch and wingback chair in the living room

Also, I need to take a good hard look at the way I'm scheduling myself.  I am not happy.  I am, in fact, staggeringly unhappy, frustrated, sad, and angry all the time.  I've been busting my butt on this house, and even though the stress from the sale of the old house is over, I don't feel better at all.  I'm not allowing myself time to rest, or to do things I enjoy that lift my spirits and make me feel good.  I haven't ridden my bike in over a week, because I keep having to do something else that's more pressing than cleaning my bike and getting it souped up and ready to ride - which I need to do.  Bike makes brain run smoothly.  And I literally can't even remember when I last played my guitar, or painted a picture, or did anything, really except either get a house ready to sell or fix up a fixer-upper house.  I gave myself a little manicure one day after work last week and I felt SO guilty and angry with myself for not getting anything done for a whole two hours.  That's a bunch of self-induced, unhealthy stress that I can really do without.

Even at my busiest, I used to always allow myself the entirety of Wednesday evenings for a "spa night" - it's when I would do my nails, my toes, take a hot bath, dye my hair if I needed to, and generally just sit around and pamper myself all evening.  I also used to have a "noise night" on Thursdays, when Sylvan goes out for a coffee and writing date with a friend of hers.  Noise Night was for guitar practice, or for throwing on the radio at top volume and painting until I couldn't hold a brush anymore.  I miss doing those things.

If scheduling time to chill is what it takes to get me to freaking chill, then that's what's going to happen.  I am officially putting myself on my to-do list.
So there.


  1. So sad...I've been reduced to a friend of just hers.... ;-)

    I hope you're getting a couple months free rent for all the blasted work you're doing on that house.


    1. Whatever ;) Heehee.

      She's paying for parts and materials; I'm providing the labor, in exchange for a reduced rent price. :)

    2. WOOT! Better'n a sharp stick in the eye, as a certain duke we know is fond of saying. ;)


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