21 December 2016

This Week In Laura

What have I done since I posted last? 
  • fuck all
  • watched a crap ton of Planet Earth and Life because David Attenborough
  • stood at the bus stop in 22º weather in the dark at 6am wearing all of my clothing at the same time
  • and then promptly (finally) took my car to the vet, because hell no

Okay, actually, I have done a bit of stuff around the house.  Mainly this:

Remember this shelfy nook in the living room?  It was not fabulous.  It still isn't, but I've been working on it slowly...

The shelves were on itty bitty plastic shelf clips pushed into the wall - some of them were glued (caulked?) into place, and all of them had been painted over a few times.  That made getting them out of the walls a damaging process.  Poor walls.

There is a LOT of spackle on these walls, you guys.  Spackle, patch, putty...lots of sanding and patching and sanding and patching and sanding and patching, and then finally retexturing. 

Two coats of primer.

Finally, the paint:  Sherwin Williams' Tradewinds.  It's a lovely color inside the Shelfy Nook, but it came out blotchy and weird on the walls, because I didn't prime first.  I know better.  It just happened, okay?

Mostly this was a test to see how the color looks in the living room.  You remember the Comfortless Gray issue I had in the entry way, after all.  I used Tradewinds in Sylvan's bedroom, and it looks fantastic in there - exactly the color I wanted to paint every single wall in the entire house.  But was it? Different light, different walls, different everything.  So this is a test area - I also did some large patches on three other walls in the same color, to see how looks at different angles and in different lights.  I'm happy to say I luuuurrrrve it. 

So what's next?  Well, the Shelfy Nook wall needs a second coat, and the entire living room needs to be primed and painted (and when I say "living room", I mean "living room plus two hallways and the dining room and entryway", because they're all connected). 

As for the Shelfy Nook itself, I have plans for that thing.  Oh, boy do I have plans.  Just wait and see.

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