08 July 2011

Reflect-o-Beast (Before + After)

Around the same time I was painting that lamp, I was also working on a large mirror frame.

ooh, ahh.

In October of 2010 - eight months ago! - I found a big, ugly, heavy, plastic-framed mirror from Goodwill for $7.99.   I promptly took a whole slew of "before" pictures and stuffed the thing into the garage to await the day when I felt like fixing it up.   Of course,  I lost all the "before" pictures, and didn't realize it until it was too late take more.  It was similar to this one, and probably also a dresser or vanity mirror in a previous life;  this one at least has some nifty curves:

from Reloved Rubbish

The decorative "woodwork" on mine, on the other hand, looked like it came out of the fake-wood paneling from inside a van in the 80s:

I wonder what used to be in the center??

That sucker came off the second I had the frame apart and found that the glass didn't extend all the way down past the decorative panel - it was the exact length of the rest of the frame, as I'd hoped. Yay!

And you know the rest.  Like the lamp, I hit it with some white spray-primer, and then silver paint.  This time I used a bit of black and gold as well, to make it look old and roughed-up, and slightly more like actual metal.

enjoy the green, it's going away soon
And here it sits, in my back hallway, waiting to be hung up in its new home...


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