18 July 2011

To-Do List Madness

I can't seem to get away from my sewing machine the last few weeks, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight!  I'm okay with that, actually, but it has been keeping me away from doing house-y things. 


  • refitting the clock in my craft room to hang in the bedroom
  • priming the walls in the craft room
  • removing the carpet in Kress' drum room...which has just recently become the non-drum room and is soon to be outfitted as a music room + sometime guest room
  • painting the walls in the guest bath
  • hanging some curtains in the living room (again, always, ad nauseum)
  • building a new entertainment center cabinet
  • painting some artwork for the living room
  • removing the tv wall bracket from the wall in the living room (oops)
  • decluttering the living room
  • hanging some curtains in the bedroom

AAAAA!!  Okay, actually, most of those are 15-minute jobs.  Not that big a deal.  But when you factor in all the sewing I still have yet to do, including recovering two couches for a friend...



  1. Wait...wait...I LIKE the guest bathroom...you just painted it.

  2. Like a year ago :) I'm tired of it. And it's so small, I want it cleaner-looking. Plus I want it to coordinate with the sewing room and the upcoming guest/music room, like a little suite.

  3. *giggling eyeroll* Of course you do.

  4. My house. My toy. :P *giggle*


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