07 July 2011

Floorplan Mischief Managed! (Living Room Before + After)

OHAI, a real post!  :D

The other week I got all fired up about re-arranging the furniture in my living room.  The old arrangement lacked seating space for guests, and while I had the space broken up into two rooms by function, they weren't really separated - it was just a bunch of furniture in one big space.  It was cluttered, and there was a bit of a floating couch situation: 

 The new plan called for taking the tv/entertainment center off the wall and arranging the seating area perpendicular to the room instead of parallel to it, like this: 


Having finally rendered the Minicouch functional (if not done - yet!), and finished the silver floor lamp, I have finally finished moving everything around:   

<-- tv's over here

It's soooo much more comfortable.  There's real conversation space, with views of the windows and the rest of the room from the seating area, instead of the couch just facing the tv.  The two spaces - living area and office/music - are separated  by the entertainment center and a screen behind it

Still to do in this room:
  • art for the big empty wall above the Minicouch (er...the black thing is the old tv wall bracket, which also needs to be taken down and the holes patched)
  • a slipcover for the Minicouch, too
  • some sort of rug situation (working on it)
  • a round coffee table??
  • an ottoman and floor cushions 
  • the meditation pallet is still in the corner behind the brown couch, but needs de-cluttering and spiffing up

As with everything - more on all of this later!  In the meantime, I really do love the new seating arrangement.  This little corner between the couches, I think, is my favorite...and hey, there's that silver lamp!  Tada:

To be continued...




  1. I like it...but it kind of ignores the fireplace...I didn't realize until just now that's what bothered me when I was sitting there Saturday. I have exactly the same issue, the angled fireplace in the corner, with the back door next to it. One designer said something like, never put your pathway outside where it crosses in front of the focal point of the room. In that case, it was the TV, I think. But it's next to impossible to acknowledge the fireplace, or like us, have your TV on the wall where your little bookcases are without passing in front of it to get to the door. It doesn't bother us, so I kind of thumb my nose at the designer.

    And I'm sure, at least twice before this winter, when you might like to use your fireplace, you will have rearranged your living room. :P

    (In case anyone out here thinks I might be a little pushy or brash in my comments...Laura and I are very good friends and critique of each other's spaces is expected...dare I say encouraged? I LOVE what she does with her spaces.)

  2. Heh - yes, what she said. :)

    Yeah, it ignores the fireplace, but like you said, there's really no good option that doesn't, the way my/our living rooms are laid out (Racu has practically the same living room that I do, just bigger). The only layout that doesn't crams a tv right next to it, which feels crowded, and ends up with seating right by the back door, with its back to the other half of the room.

    This way, at least, you _could_ sit on either couch and at least SEE the fireplace. There's going to be some floor seating in there, too, eventually - cushions and a little ottoman - that could be moved around.

    But to be honest, I almost never even use my fireplace. I kinda wish it wasn't there and I had full use of that corner!

  3. I totally wish my fireplace weren't there. I'd take it out in a heartbeat, were I remodeling ($$ and all that) and put in French doors with a side light and maybe actual, honest-to-goodness built-in bookcases where the TV is now (where your little cases are). I have such ideas! (Jewish mama voice)


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