21 February 2011

Wildebeests: Nice Rack (Part II)

Remember this bit o' headboard from Friday?

And the front hall with the hook and wad of jackets and scarves?


door open for light

 Couple of cuts, some paint, some decorative glass knobs, some wall anchors - voila!  

Green glass knobs from World Market*.  There are two of these, and four other styles/colors, all mixed in there together.   Hee. <3

(See what I mean about the carving not being even, in that last picture?  Must've been a cheap headboard, LOL.  I don't care.  I love my new "old" coatrack thingy). 

* You know, they have some amber-colored ones, too, that I didn't like at first...but now they haunt me.  I must find an excuse to use them for something.  Possibly even...*GASP*...drawers! 


1 comment:

  1. OH nooooooo...not drawers...

    Looks awesome. :)(of course)


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