28 April 2013

For Butts and Feet

So, this happened:

Rabi approves. 

That would be a $24.99 dark olive green chenille big-butt wing chair from the thrift store!  I went for jeans, and I came out with a wing chair (and a ceiling fan, but we'll talk about that another day).  

Getting this chair into the room (thank goodness it's very lightweight) finally got me off my butt and got me moving rugs.  I have an old, faded green, cotton "chindi" style rug that I've actually been using for camping (lol) that I went ahead and put back in this room.  Because of the chair, yes, and also because I wanted the red rug in my bedroom: 

I also put the "day sofa" thing in the bedroom, to make room for the wing chair in the living room:

And so now my bedroom actually looks more or less the way I want it to, at least floorplan wise:

It should be staying this way until moving day;  except that I do have some decisions to make regarding art in the room (especially since I broke the glass on one of my favorite big frames yesterday), and a new dog crate to set up.  

But for now...


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