19 April 2013

Small Stuff

Some small, non-housey stuff for you this week.  I've spent most of my week working on big SCA sewing projects; but I managed to squeeze in:

This bracelet, which is also a two-strand necklace (one beaded, one plain chain), that I have wrapped around my arm.

The jeans in the pic are another project:  Target clearance $6, and BRIGHT screaming purple.  I dyed them black and slashed them this week. :)

I'm almost done with this red crocheted sweater;  pics when finished.

I started a purple one, too.

And I finished this pink crocheted snood - for SCA purposes, yes, but I've come to love wearing these so much that I'm wearing them with my regular clothes, too.  They're soooo comfy and convenient, and soft.  :)

More soon!


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