29 April 2013

$1 Kitsch

Ever since I saw this on Pinterest:

And this...

And this...

And about fourteen other, similar pins, on my kitchen board, I've wanted to do something similar with the wee stretch of wall near my sink, under which I have my dish drainer.  And so I did, with Ikea's help:


  • two fifty-cent brackets from Ikea
  • $1.99 clock from Ikea
  • a scrap board I had in the garage, already stained AND the perfect size
  • four screws I had sitting around
  • and some little glass and ceramic tchotchkes I had sitting nearby on the bar (two avocado pits and a handful of Oregano I'm trying to get to root).  
Whole project:  $2.99 (plus tax).   Yay! 

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