14 May 2014

Artin' Around

For all my talk (mostly, admittedly, to myself) about making my spare room into an art studio/craft space, I sure didn't get around to it, aside from dealing with the windows, the lanterns you see here, and re-organizing the closet.  That was a big deal in itself, but even as the room started coming together, I realized one pretty major thing:

I don't like painting in that room.

It's 10x10', with 9' ceilings, just like my sewing room.  My sewing room, though, is
(a) well-organized
(b) mostly sitting down-activities

In the "art room", though, is a HUGE wooden trestle table (my ex-b/f's, until such time as he has room for it in his new place), and a whole bunch of small storage furniture for art supplies - a rolling taboret, rolling file cart, and couple of small shelving units that house things like paper and sketchbooks and blank canvases.  There are also now *three* easels in the room.

I like to stand up to paint.  I like to walk around.  I like to step back from a canvas and walk around looking at it, periodically.  When I work with pastels, I like to sprawl out on the ground or on some comfy furniture, with all my supplies arranged around me in a big circle.  And so I've found that when I art, I art in the living room, a big, open space with great lighting and plenty of room to move and spread out.  The extra room became a storage space dumping ground for art supplies I "put away" by piling them up on the work table instead of putting in the extra three seconds of effort to put them actually away. 

But then a goddamned miracle happened.  The next two weeks of my life will involved a complete overhaul of this room AND of my craft room, and bunch of other stuff, too.  Because of reasons.

To be continued...

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