22 May 2014

The Magic Sucking Machine

I borrowed a Hoover SteamVac from a friend this week.  It was heavy. And slow.  And it worked AWESOME.  Holy crap, my rugs are clean.  Look:

This is  my Surya rug before cleaning.  It's a year old and I have three dogs.

Please to be ignoring the furniture in the background.

And this is after.  The colors are sharper, and so is the definition in the pattern.  Not all, but most of the lighter stains even came out.

I didn't have any carpet solution, so I made my own, which I've used successfully in a Bissel hand-held steamer before, which is basically just a squirt of laundry detergent and about 1/2c peroxide in the hot water tank.

The $10 Goodwill rug in the master bedroom before cleaning...

And after.  Again, colors and definition sharper.

I know, I know - all I did was clean my rugs.  But I'm impressed with the Hoover.  I'm thinking about getting one of my own.

Rory supervised this activity.


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  1. Really nice. And the rugs are cool, too. *gigglesnort*


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