20 May 2014

I See A Nightstand and I Want To...

WAY before - when I found this little guy on a curb.

Then I smoked some crack and painted it this color.

 And now it's black.

I also painted the matching blue file cart from the ex-art space/craft poop dumping ground black, like this one.

More on that soon.

Meanwhile, I've been playing Houseplant Rodeo in the living room again:

I had this big ol' Bird of Paradise plant (Strelitzia reginae) in the big window corner behind the wing chair, because (a) light and (b) sitting in the jungle.  On a wing chair.

See the loooong green stick sticking up out of the center of the plant? That's a leaf that formed but then never opened.  I finally realized it was because that one leaf was getting no sunlight, ever.

(yes, the lampshade is too small. deal with it)

So I put it on the floor back there, and shifted the living room furniture a bit to make sure it fit without being crammed-in.  I miss the visual height, but I like that it actually makes it look like the room is bigger than it is, because there are things tucked away behind the main seating area.

Also a ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas) on the little music table I made a while back, in that corner.

This is my view when I'm loafing about, usually playing games on my phone while waiting for my nails to dry, on the chaise lounge in the living room.  Whee.

More stuff coming soon.


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