20 June 2011


Work on the MiniCouch proceeds apace:  in addition to having fixed the arm, it is now [fully] cleaned and ready to be covered and footed.  Whee!  That'll happen next payday.

In related news, this little bit of Ikea that popped into my life a few weeks ago seems to have solved all my furniture placement problems in the living room.  I picked it up off the curb thinking I'd stash it in a corner or under a window and make it sort of nook-y, but, well...

made with Icovia Space Planner                 

This is my living room as it stands right now.  There's an office/music area at the "bottom" (North), a main seating area kind of central, and my little meditation corner under the windows at the "top" (South).

The seating in the seating area is complete bollocks.  Don't get me wrong, I love my little Ektorp couch that I re-covered last year; but aside from that, the only seating I have in there is that little green-and-black rattan chair (also refinished last year)...which isn't terrible comfortable or supportive--it's only there in case of extra butts.

Also, and I think I've mentioned this before, I hate that the seating area  is arranged parallel to the room itself.  It makes the whole thing seem more like an indoor football field.  It also has the effect of having nearly all the furniture in the entire room up against the walls, except for the couch floating out in the middle of nowhere.  Hate.

 But then...

Enter the Minicouch--that's it there on the left against the wall, where the tv console used to be.  The TV console is now perpendicular to that wall, backed by a turquoise fabric screen that separates the area from the office/music area.

The Ektorp sofa is still opposite the tv, now perpendicular to the wall, back to the windows, rendering the little meditation area back there a leeetle more private (awesome) - and I'm thinking of doing an art wall above the Minicouch, too.

Couple of floor cushions...and a rug? I have a rug.  There was a dog accident if you take my meaning, a couple of years ago--I took the rug outside and rinsed it off, but all the dye came out of it and it ended up looking like it'd been in a fire.  I still have it, and it's in great shape (it's one of those hand-woven cotton "chindi" rugs)...I was thinking maybe I could dye it again?  Can't hurt to try, right?

The first step will be to finish the Minicouch, and then to re-arrange the furniture.  I'm thinking the art might end up being my own art - I have a billion untouched and half-finished canvases I could whomp up into one big sectional thing, I think...hmmm...


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