12 October 2011

Grunge-Be-Gone: A Gnu Before-N-After

On my last trip to Ikea I found a little office chair in the as-is section for $9.99. Yup. A $140 NOMINELL chair for ten bucksSCORE.


It'd been a floor model.  For a long, long...long...long time, it would seem:



But, never fear!  It only took about half an hour to remove the old (grungy, red, microfiber) cover, separate it into its pattern pieces and use them to make a new cover...

the little hooties that go around the posts under the back


TADA!   New clean chair that coordinates with the color scheme that will be in the room once I finish painting things, and get some real flooring down over that green-painted concrete:

oooh, aaah.




1 comment:

  1. nice...

    my wife and I are sourcing for nominell custom covers too.
    our chairs covers are beginning to show their age but the chair themselves are still fine.


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