11 October 2011

Table Out of Nowhere

Of the things on my to-do list for last weekend, the only thing I got done was the couch cover. But it's done!

Yesterday was bulky trash pickup day in my neighborhood.  Whee!  I was pleased to see my pile thoroughly looted after having only been out for three hours - there was practically nothing left for the trash collectors.

And I scored this coffee table:

Two points each to those of you who looked at this and wondered why the heck I'd be interested in it.
Look at the feet, though:

PERFECT!  These are exactly what I've been looking for...for my couch.  :)

They're undergoing a slight color modification at the moment; another couple of coats of stain and some clearcoat, and then pads on the bottom so they don't scratch my floor, and they'll be ready to go onto the couch.

Yay, couch feet!  The rest of the table is probably going to be turned into a small bookshelf for a friend of mine.  :)

And I swear I'll get that bathroom painted this week. Really, I will.


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