17 October 2011

Guest Bath Before & After (step 2)

Friday's to-do list amuses me, looking back.  I had it all planned out - two days of work for a single day, for starters.  Two hours to paint the guest bath? On whose planet??  Ha.

But I did get the bathroom painted.  The actual work didn't take me much longer than about two hours, but if you add in breaks I took to eat, sit down for a bit after being on a ladder, rest my cramping hands, and let things dry between coats, it took more like six.

There is a teeny tiny spider crawling around on my computer screen as I'm writing this very sentence.  Hee.

After (the first step): 

Fresh, clean slate:
Next up: 

  • prime & paint the bathroom door, door trim, and baseboards, which are still original (!) and horrifyingly yellowed with age. 
  • shower curtain, mats, towels
  • more wall paint, in certain spots - more to come on that
  • cabinet knobs
  • doorknob
  • faucet
  • light fixture

Before, and before that:

The first step was this $8 thrift store mirror that I re-sized and re-painted specifically for this space, because standard builders' sheet mirrors give me hives.


2007:  *yawn*

(Actually, the white cabinets were a vast improvement: when I bought the house in '04, they were f'oak laminate (fake oak).  This bathroom is so small that I constantly felt like the cabinets were pushing into the room.  The white calmed them down.  In 2007 I also took the hanging cabinet off the wall and cut it down to HALF the depth it had been, so that it wasn't hovering above my head when I was sitting down. That was just weird).

More to come!


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  1. 2010-I happen to like that decor very much. Not fond of all white anything, fwiw. That bathroom is the same size as mine, I believe. like..5x7 overall. You get used to it. :P


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