04 October 2011

Fait Accomplit

My vacation was fantastic.  I got SO MUCH DONE!  Which amounts to a lot of sewing, a curtain room divider in the living room, some insane house-cleaning...and not really much else, hehe.  I'd intended to paint the hall bath and deal with the proto-art situation in the living room, but I ended up not having enough time, between the sewing and all the loafing I did.  That's right, folks - I spent over half the week parked in front of the tv.  As it should be!  Hee.

I love the curtain!
And actually, I did manage to haul all my large houseplants out to the backyard for a much-needed bath.  The large Dracaena in the picture above got pretty sunburned, too, unfortunately. It'd been so long since I'd left it outside for more than a minute that I'd forgotten about that.  It's alive, but over half the leaves are scorched beyond belief.  I feel so awful for having done that.  I have no idea what I'll do with it...stick it in a side room until it's repaired as much as it will, and grown enough to prune back the damaged parts without decimating the entire plant.  :'(

I also went to Ikea - hence the new set of LILL curtains in the living room as a room divider.  I also grabbed a little gray MUS to go with the white one I have on my desk at work (hee),  a pack of four curtain rod holders from the as-is section for like 90c, a little Airplane Plant for $2, a SKANKA saucepan (I'm slowly replacing my old, beat-up cookware), and a NOMINELL swiveling office chair from the as-is section for, I kid you not, TEN DOLLARS.  :O  It's in great shape, aside from being a little grungy on the top from all the hands grabbing it while it was a floor model.  It's getting reupholstered as soon as I figure out what fabric I want to put on it.  :o)


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