03 January 2012

First DIY of the New Year: Going With the Flo'

Hey, check it out:

This was Sunday morning, after about two hours' work, all by myself.  Once Kress got home from work and we worked on it together, we zinged out the rest of the floor in two hours total.

The flooring is done!  But I still have to clean up the baseboards (remove nails, caulk, etc.) and put them back up, so, "after" pics when I'm really done.  :)

In case anyone's wondering, this is Ikea's TUNDRA laminate flooring (this color's not on the website).  I thought it was that easy snap-together "click lock" stuff, but it's not - plain ol' tongue and groove. Whatevs.  The foam underlayment is generic stuff from the hardware store - same price as Ikea's, and Ikea was out of it the day I bought the laminate!

Also, Kress and I signed the concrete underneath the floor.  Little gift for the next owners of the house. :o)

To be continued...


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