09 January 2012

It's Finished!!!

This is what a finished craft room looks like! 


Back to its old, cluttered, workroom-looking self - but with organized shelves, an updated and brighter paint job, art, and a REAL FLOOR.

And a vacuum cleaner, for some reason.
Sorry about that.

I have to give props to Kress, who spent Friday afternoon while I was at work, re-installing all the baseboards and door trim as a surprise for me!  Wow!

And this picture was taken with A REAL CAMERA!  I haven't gotten a new one yet; I borrowed a friend's Saturday for a short trip out of town.

As always, I still have a bit of work to do.  The naked floor lamp by the window is my task lighting, which I can't sew without.  I'd like to replace it with something more attractive, and that I can position over the table where I need it.  Then there's the ceiling, which I still haven't decided about.  I also need to re-cover the taupe office chair!  The cover I made for it not 3 months ago got a big hole ripped in the front of the fabric somehow during all this business with the floor!  AUGH!


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