31 December 2011


I got a wild hair this morning and just felt like mowing the grass in the back yard.  What little there is.  With the weed-eater, since the mower actually doesn't work.  There was enough grass, enough weeds, and enough dead leaves floating around that I thought I might be able to get the compost bin re-booted with what I could cut and scrape up with the rake.  

Imagine my surprise when, upon digging out and turning over what I thought was a dead compost bin - not having been fed or turned since it got so blisteringly hot in June this year - I found a compost bin very much alive.  Gross and dry on top from not having been turned, yes (and there was a sock in it - wth?), but underneath was fluffy, rich, soft, black, fragrant compost.  Mmm.  

And I also found that the 'Delfino' Cilantro that I found back in the corner by the compost bin has not only come back, but re-seeded itself all over that corner - the whole area is filled with baby Cilantros, and baby Yarrows.  Seemingy out of "nowhere". 

A promise for the turning of the year?  Hope is a thing with leaves.


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  1. Yay for cilantro! And yarrow! And for living compost...a sock? THAT'S the ingredient I've been missing; Lord knows I have enough old socks to spare.

    Happy New Year my sweet Laura2! I love you!


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