23 May 2012

Aziz, Light!

I don't know exactly when I went from "I love the dim, moody aspect of the light in here" to "OMG THIS PLACE IS A TOMB".  The whole ceiling and curtains thing in the bedroom recently was, when you get right down to it, mostly about the bedroom being entirely too dark to live with anymore.

The dining room has been feeling the same way.  Fortunately, that's an easy, fast, and FREE fix:

Much better than the way it was before.  These café length curtains were made from the old full-length sheers in about fifteen minutes.  The tablecloth is just a piece of linen from my fabric stash - not even hemmed (I like the soft ragged edges).

The mini-blinds are still up, because I DO still need a bit more privacy at night;  but then, this is just Phase I. When I get to the next layer of things in this dining room, I'll be dealing with the blinds then.

before:  pretty, but really dark when the light's off  (blinds, long curtains)

More in store for this room: 
  • "phase 2" of the whole window treatment thing
  • slight wall color adjustment
  • ceiling paint, just like I did in the bedroom, for the dining room and kitchen
  • chair facelift
  • chandelier awesomation 

Stay tuned.


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