10 May 2012

Things To Paint: Furniture, Dining Room

My dining room:

This was in 2010 - the walls are now gray to match the rest of the house.  Which I love, but I have more plans...

sketch 2011

I still want to build the window seat in the bay, and string sheer curtains across it.

I'd also like to paint the dining room chairs black to match the table.

sketch May 9, 2012

I've also decided I want to brighten up the room a bit:

1.  Paint the [blue] ceilings in the kitchen and dining room a soft off-white, with an 8" border around the top of the walls to make a sort of "tray ceiling" look.

2.   Paint the walls, also, leaving the gray around the borders/"chair rail".

3.   I'm also going to put white linen café curtains into the bay windows, behind the sheer that will drape over the whole area;  and paint the insides of the window casings a deep charcoal, or maybe even black.

While I don't have the lumber yet to build the window seat, I DO have all the paint, fabric, curtains, and the Ikea DIGNITET curtain wire system to hang the giant sheers...I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet.  

This weekend?  



  1. Drawing out your dining room area with exact measurements may be helpful in determining how much you can fit in that space. Thanks for showing how this can be done.

  2. I do, actually - I always do. I use Icovia Space Planner online (free from icovia.com). I post the plans I make with that tool here, sometimes, too.

  3. Great idea of measurement which can really help you to get everything perfect. And this kind of idea is really helpful everyone.

    Katty@ white painted furniture


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