17 May 2012

Photographic Evidence

Now that the Martian Death Flu (or whatever) has passed, I took a few minutes tonight to do a bit of tidying up and rearranging in the bedroom.  The art on the wall was woefully unbalanced and sparse-looking, and there was a bit of a Stack O' Crap problem building up.  To wit:


And then after:

That's better.  I'm too flighty to stick with the same artwork in my home for long, which is why most of it is just printed out on my color printer at home.  This time it's all green and garden-related;  about half of it is even my own photography.

Still a few naked ladies in there, though.  The big one in the Ikea UNG DRILL frame (which has been turned right-side up) is Evening Mood, by Bougereau, and is one of my favorite paintings in the whole world.  She stays.  My only sticking point is the big white mat on the lower right - that photo was supposed to be bigger.  Need to blow it up and reprint.

And to do something about that godawful dog crate.



  1. Build ze useful box around ze dog crate. Make nice table, yes?

  2. You're great at building wildebeests...here try some of these. http://www.cratehaven.com/about.htm

  3. This is giving me lots of ideas for Abby's crate. http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/hardwood-hideaways-dog-crates

    It would have to be something that's not just wood, or she'd chew it...and I have one of these wire crates:



  4. Hee! Exactly what I was thinking. I was thinking something along the lines of this: http://pinterest.com/pin/234046511855169754/ but in colors to go with the room, and a flat wooden top on top, both to hold the drop-cover down and provide a surface for a plant or two. :)

  5. Ah - more like this, but without the curvy ruffly thing across the top: http://pinterest.com/pin/195695546278487020/

  6. That's period dagging, ftw!

    I can't do anything cloth because Moose Dog(TM) would eat it. She was too close to my curtains and pulled them into the crate and chewed off a corner. $%@@*!%

  7. Right now, I have a flat-black painted board on top of her crate and it's just storage. The idea was to put plants on it, but the cats get into them. Dang aminals. I also thought the table top thing would make a good altar space.

  8. Gah!! Daisy did that to my favorite sarong, when she was little. URGE TO KILL. Thankfully she doesn't eat things anymore.


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