30 May 2012

Mo' Plans, Flo' Plans

The other thing I did over the weekend was re-arrange the living room...again.  The new floorplan we were trying out in April did NOT work AT ALL.  I kind of knew it wouldn't, but I had to try something new, you know?

Way Before

This is the way the living room sat as of June 2011.   The "living room" area (seating area/tv area/etc.) was crammed into the center of this big football field of a room.  Too small, too cramped.  Lots of available seating, though, since I added the minicouch (on the wall in this pic).

The little meditation corner behind the couch (top of picture) was pretty, but used less and less frequently until it was basically just in the way.

The "office" at the other end of the room (bottom) was GREAT right there under the window.  I actually really liked it there.

Only Shortly Before
In April I did this.  The living room area moved to the north end of the room, the office and wide-open music/work space on the large "half."

The large half was great!

The tv/living area was STILL too small and cramped - and this time, with the minicouch in the music/office area (blue), there wasn't even enough seating in the tv/living room area.  Sigh.

And Now...

Something else I did over the long weekend: the living area and office have been sort of swapped back to where they were before.

The living area now spreads out over the entire large half of the room, instead of being cramped into two separate areas.  It's big and open, and it really feels nice.  I love it like this.  It's so comfy and open, and there's room to walk around without tripping over anyone's video game cord, LOL.

 The office/music area is back in the north end of the room, and the computer desk is back under the window.  I really love it there.  :)   

Now if I can just get some decent lighting in the small "half" of the room, and a Big Comfy Chair in the open spot in the BIG living room...

Pics soon.



  1. Er...editing fail, sorry - meant to clear that up and forgot to go back and do that. In the last floor plan, if you draw a triangle between the blue couch, the uncolored couch, and the big brown work table on the right side, the line between the blue couch and the table, there's a spot big enough there to fit nearly a whole 'nother couch there. I want to get a stuffy side chair for right there.

  2. Seems like you'd be having to walk around it all the time to the back door... Cut a paper outline of it and tape to the floor for awhile to see how the traffic flow goes before you invest...just sayin'.

  3. Heh. Actually, I have another, crappy chair that I'm using there for the time being to see how I like it. So far, I totally do. :)


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