01 June 2012

Another Ceiling Done!

Have I mentioned how much I hate typing the word "ceiling"?  I'm a smart woman.  I'm an educated woman.  I type over 100 words per minute.  And yet "ceiling" is one of a handful of words I just can't type correctly on the first try (or the second, third, fourth) to save my life.  The name Kevin is another one.  I always type "Keving" first for some reason.  I do the same thing with "bacon"...bacong?            σ_O


the CEILING is done!  Yay, I love it!  

It's a little thing, but I really love the way the chandelier
lights make a big starfishy shadow thing on the CEILING.
Also: the new round light bulbs I was talking about.

one of which has already burned out, and it made these
weird swirly patterns on the inside of the glass.  Neat.  

So, to recap, here's the way-before:  

Which got new curtains and a tablecloth, but still had blue CEILINGS: 

And now, well...see above.  Ta.


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