06 June 2012

Overdue [Living Room] After Pics


wide-open seating plan + ghetto-ass minicouch under the window 

this is what it looked like before.  Functional and huge, but the
seating area needed to be back on this end of the room. 

there's my $9 thrift store rug!   it makes me happy.  

look, a chair!  :D  I wish. 


  1. Hmm...can I be honest with ya a sec (when have I ever not been honest?)? The little couch looks very...shoved in the corner. I want to see it out, away from the window, with the front feet just on the rug. (That rug looks very much like one I gave away...but you'd know it if it were that one...could never get the dog pee smell out of it--a good friend of mine gave it to me. It was an expensive rug, wool and all, but their dog had kind of "marked" it and then it was stored in her garage forever.)

    anyhoo...just my 2 cents worth.

  2. This, by the way is pretty much the arrangement I came up with for our living room awhile back--and, as you know, ours is the same shape, only just a tad larger--but the TV stand is on the fireplace side.

  3. Your fireplace is bigger, I think. *pouts* ;) Do you have the measurements for your greatroom? I've always wanted to see how the dimensions line up.

  4. It IS very shoved-into-the-corner, for now; I'm going to make new cushions for the folding World Market sofa I used to have in the living room, and put it there, a little closer in, and on an angle. The mini-couch is shoved back right now because it's too wide and blocks access to opening/closing the blinds. The WM sofa doesn't, though - there'll be more room around it, since it's narrower.

    And the room is, IIRC, about 24x12? I'll have to dig up the actual blueprints and check, if I can ever find them.

  5. Ah, okay. makes sense. I figured out what was throwing me off about the back walls of our respective greatrooms. You have the double-wide window and single door, I have the double-wide door and single window. Don't know why I hadn't cottoned on to that before. LOL

  6. Ah: 26x11. The back wall from the east corner to the edge of the fireplace wall is 7', then the fireplace corner goes back another 4 feet. The fireplace corner would be a 4' square, if it wasn't cut in half on the diagonal. And I can't for the life of me remember how to figure out what the dimensions of it are, if the sides are 4'...I think it involves the word "hypotenuse", but math and I aren't buddies.


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