05 June 2012

Unflattering Pictures

On a whim, I looked up my house on Google Maps - the last time I checked, they still had pictures from 2006.  They've updated them since:

This appears to be from 2009.  I can tell by the visible bean trellis arbor in the backyard, and the line of stones still wrapping around an old garden bed that doesn't exist anymore.

The yard was in *terrible* shape.  In 2009 I had recently been divorced, and had the place to myself for the first time.  I worked two jobs for most of that year:  40 hours a week at the state university, and another 35+ a week at a fast food joint near my house.  I did NOT have time to garden, or even weed the yard, or water it; which resulted in several arguments with the HOA that year over the state of my landscaping, unfortunately.

This photo is also a pretty good way of showing you, gentle reader, how pitifully small and weird my property actually is.  Long and narrow, just like the house;  with a teeny-tiny front yard, and a backyard that's little more than a playpen - 25x37 feet.

Yeah.  Yikes.

The house faces due north, so when I say my backyard is in full sun, I mean it:  it's fully exposed from sunup to sundown.

Or at least it was. The Mulberry tree is finally mature enough, the last two years, to shade about half the yard, thank goodness.

A little helpful labeling, to relate to all these pics I post of my various rooms inside.  This is really, REALLY not to scale, but it's just a quick MS Paint thing, hehe.  But it shows the approximate placement of all the rooms, and the comparative size - and yes, I really do have a long, football-field-shaped living room, LOL.


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