17 October 2012

Bulk Day Bookshelf Turned Nightstand

Remember the little ex-cabinet bookshelf thing I picked up last week from the curbside?

(this one)

Here it is now:

(ooh, ahh)

I didn't do much to it, just hit the body of it with a deglosser and painted it black; and sanded down the top and stained it with a light walnut with an oak all-in-one stain/sealant over the top (it's actually far darker than it looks in the picture - so is the floor. I suck at taking pictures of black things).  It needs books and stuff, but since this is Kress' side of the bed, he gets to fill it. :)

Rabi seems to approve.  Just like he approves of that new blue coverlet that he's got his hind legs on: 

This was a gift from a friend recently, and it used to belong to her grandmother.  It's the same shade of blue as the walls in my bedroom, and it's sooooo soft and comfy, and just exactly the weight that I like in a blanket.  I'm completely in love with it already. :) 


  1. I'm beginning to think one of us is colorblind....That bedspread was most definitely green. *off to take a colorblindness test*

  2. Okay...still not colorblind...

  3. LOL. I *told* you guys it was blue. :) It was just the light in her house making it look green. :)

  4. To be fair, it does look blue on the monitor. But so many times, you're calling stuff blue that I see as green.

  5. My ex and I used to have the same discussion over gray vs. blue. Everyone's eyes see things slightly different ways, depending on the exact number of cones in the eye (there's an average, but it's not exactly the same in every person; women generally have more than men, for example), and a person's own perception based on light perception and environmental factors, mood, and even color preference.

    And I DO prefer pale blues with a tinge of green and gray in them, so it's absolutely possible that someone else might see the greener side of the same shade that I see the blue in.

    Tl;dr version: ymmv. :)


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