24 October 2012

Resurrection of the Day Sofa

I didn't waste any time putting my World Market sofa back together when that hardware came in the mail.  It  took longer to bring the frame pieces in from the garage than it took to put the arms onto the base.  The back, though, not so much.  Turns out they've tweaked the design of this thing just a tad since I bought mine, and the bolts for the back didn't fit quite right.  They'll be easily replaced at Home Depot on the way home from work later this week, though.

The next step was to create a cushion for the thing (see previous post).

Enter  (1) two salvaged couch seat cushions and (2) an electric turkey knife.  No, I'm not kidding.  A serrated blade cuts foam really well, but a hand-held one leaves little bits and chunks.  Two fast,  reciprocating, serrated blades cut through this stuff like buttah.


Once both cushions were split into four, I cut two of them down to fit the arms of the couch (a little longer, actually, so that the entire finished cushion would be long enough when the couch was laid out flat):

notice the Jiffy Pop Method of  cat deterrent for plants in the background. 

Next step is the cover.  That's going to be made from a cotton upholstery twill that was, actually, once another couch cover - the cover for the seat of the couch, actually, which I had first made into a cushion for this sofa, LOL.  The fabric is in great shape, though it's a tad discolored, as old as it is (and as many dogs as have sat on this couch.  It took a long time to train them to stay off the furniture when no one was looking!)  The inside, however, is still nice and fresh-looking.

The basic idea is a variation of this:

The seat cover I'm using is already mostly sewn.  I just have to trim the seams and flip it inside out, shorten it a bit, and throw a zipper into one side.

More on that when it's done. :)


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  1. I know this post is two years old but I came across it looking for the mechanics of the studio day sofa from world market. I noticed in the post before this one that the hardware is all bolts? So how do the arms fold down? I'm looking to make my own since they're $400 at world market now. But I can't seem to figure out the arm situation and don't have a world market nearby to take a good look at one.


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