23 October 2012

Wanna Screw?

Oh, come on - no need to bolt at my bad puns.  You guys already knew I was nuts, right?  Okay, okay, enough with this particular thread of conversation...


So, a couple of weeks ago, I drug out the frame pieces for my World Market "Studio Day Sofa" from the garage, cleaned them off, and went to gather the hardware so I could put it back together...and the hardware was GONE.  Now, I'm really good about saving stuff like this.  I know for a fact that it was in a baggie with a label.  But all I could find was one loose bolt.


I puzzled about it for a week, looked for the hardware, and then finally gave up and emailed World Market last week.  And TODAY a new hardware kit for the sofa came in the mail, free of charge!  World Market IS AWESOME!!!

I'm one step closer.

Now I just have to make a new cushion for it.  The original one was a bit flat and uncomfy, so I harvested the couch cushion from an old couch I was getting rid of and made a new one, which was awesome.  But by the time I decommissioned the World Market sofa, the cushion was a bit doggy and worn, so I just got rid of it.  I have another set of salvaged couch cushions and the fabric I need, I just have to find the time to make the new cushion.

Maybe World Market will send me an eighth day for the week, too.  o_ô


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