16 October 2012


Hey guess what?  I haven't painted the bathroom yet.  I'm better, though - it took nearly two months, but I'm back to my old self...actually, scratch that:  I feel healthier than I've ever felt in as long as I can remember.  It's been nearly three months since I quit smoking, my asthma's pretty much gone, I'm all healed from the narsty lung infection I had in July, and I've been working out like a fiend for the past three weeks.  My voice is back and I'm singing again - and I have a new guitar!  Well, I'm taking care of it for a friend for a while.  At any rate:  I feel awesome, and things are back to normal.  Better than normal!

And yet!  I haven't gotten much done around the house, for the usual reasons:  SCA stuff has been taking precedence.  But I'm way ahead in my sewing, enough that I think that bathroom might get painted next weekend!

In the meantime, I've cut up another shirt.  This one was a crap shirt I made out of a scrap of fabric:

Um...no "before" pic, sorry.  It looked like this, but dark green.  And it was always falling off my shoulders, which was a pain in the ass.

So I braided the top of the neckline, because I still love this braiding technique, and I wanted to give it a try with wider, longer slits.  As you can see here, they're nearly 3" long.  Same distance apart as on the black dress, but in relation to the length of the slits, it works better.

This is the stage at which I go, "GAH!!!"  Except that this is totally normal.  If the fabric between two slits is a loop, then what you're doing here is pulling one loop back through the one before it, and then forward, then pulling the next loop back through the previous one, etc.  Just folding them over each other - the effect looks like a braid.

Well, actually it looks like this until you pull it flat with your fingers.

Okay, that's better, see?

The wider slits were definitely  easier to work with, gathered the fabric up much less, and produced a more even, flatter braid.


Overall, I like the finished product.  A couple of things about the neckline came out...not badly, just not as expected:

1.   It's higher than I wanted.  I like cleavage.  This shirt has no cleavage.

2.   The braid is smaller than I thought it was going to be.  it's about an inch wide, as you can see in the pictures; on the shirt, though, it still looks tiny.  I don't know what to do about that.  I could cut the slits longer still, but then the shirt would draw up even more, so...?

Anyway. I DO like it.


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