12 October 2012

Bulk Day Loot & Embarrassment

Monday was Bulk Trash pickup, yay!  I hauled the frikking mini-couch out there, finally.  I had such plans for that stupid thing, and they just never went anywhere, and I ended up hating that thing so hard.  So it's gone, now.  Sometime Tuesday afternoon someone actually added their trash to my pile -  a foldable football stadium seat and a yellow plastic hard hat.  The hell?

I found a really great little shelfy cabinet thing down the street.  I let it sit there for a couple of days, and then finally caved and went to pick it up, on my way home from work.  I had it halfway into my truck when the little girl who lived at the house came out of the front door and bounded across the yard to go play, but then saw me and just...stopped...

it looked a bit like this

We stared at each other for a sec, then I put the piece down and started trying to explain what I was doing.  She shrugged at me, said, "Whatever!" and then bounded away.  I'm not even ashamed to admit, I drove around the block in a circle to get home so she wouldn't see where I lived.  LMAO.  Fail.

Anyhoo, here's the piece:

It's about 27" high, and nearly as long.  There's a hole in the wall of the back for cords to go through, and you can see in the picture a pair of magnetic door closures where the bottom of this used to be enclosed.  No hinges or doors, though.  Aside from the finish being a bit bunged up (and some hearts drawn on the top with marker, tee-hee), the piece was in really good shape.  I glued a couple of loose joints back together, cleaned the whole thing, de-glossed the finish on the body with Liquid Sander, and sanded down the top.  

None of it took much time or effort; and I'm already most of the way done with the new paint job.  I don't have pics yet, but I can show you some of my inspiration: 


Better After

Pinterest (no source)

We'll see how it turns out.   I'm still trying to decide what to do with the thing.  I think it might end up being a nightstand in the bedroom - it'll balance out the tiny dresser on the other side, and replace the Victorian plant stand that's there now, which I'd really rather have it in the living room where I can look at it all the time, because I love it to itty bitty little pieces.

Meanwhile, I'm KICKING MYSELF over not picking up a gorgeous bu thoroughly trashed Queen Anne table I saw in my neighborhood - I didn't have time to grab it the morning I saw it, but it was gone when I came back later that day.  It was in serious disrepair, but didn't look beyond saving.  In fact, it looked full of potential, and the legs were strong.  I'd have fixed it up and painted it black, and done this with it in the now-empty window corner in the living room, with a pretty little plump reading chair next to it:

But alas.  :'( 

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