12 November 2012

Bit More Fireplace, and Then We're Done

After taking the mirror down from the fireplace wall, there was one more thing that needed to happen.


Notice anything about the fireplace screen?


...wait, do you NOTICE the fireplace screen?  You don't, do you?  That's right.


That's better.  Nothing a little silver metallic spray paint couldn't take care of.  Now the screen not only shows, it stands out, and it's exactly the right kind of understated "bling" that the fireplace needed to keep it from being just a big, black block,

I have to say, I LOVE this metallic stuff.  I'd never used the new kind before.  Silver-colored paint, sure; but this is the stuff with itty tiny metal particles in it to give it shine and texture when it's dry, and I loooooove the way it comes out.  It really does look like metal.  And it's beautiful.

I sprayed some wall hooks, too, and the outside handle of my storm door, hehe.  Show you later.


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