03 November 2012

Dining Room Chairs - Paint Job and Upholstered Seats

The sack cloth upholstery thing has been going on for a while now.  I've always loved the look, but didn't really think much about it because where do you even get sack cloth, anyway? Turns out the answer to that is "from your friend's late grandmother fabric stash that she left behind."  Muchas gracias to said friend for the metric buttload of fabric she sent me home with a few weeks ago.  :)

That stack of fabric included several pieces of both cotton and linen sackcloth, some of which was still printed with lettering and logos - they were landscaping product sacks of some kind, once upon a time.

And so....


Seat removed, frame cleaned, then deglossed with Liquid Sander, and finally painted with a plain black semi-gloss latex paint, with a 1.5" china brush with ragged tips, for that streaky wood-grain look I adore painting with.

The overall effect looks black at a glance, but up close it's a deep, deep espresso-brown and black "stain."

Covering the seats with the cotton sackcloth and eggcrate foam (which I happened to have a bunch of sitting around, left over from old projects).

One chair finished!

I did three of the set of four today.  I actually can't find the rest of my foam!  I know it's around here somewhere.  Soon as I find it I'll get the fourth chair done, lol.

I think when I do find the rest of my foam I'll put a seat cushion on the little Ikea dining room chair that I use at my computer desk, as well.  I'm tired of sitting on a throw pillow to blog.

Before & after comparison.

The dining room table is black, and I keep a rough, white, linen tablecloth on it.  These will coordinate much better.

All of the sackcloths I had were different prints.  So what?  I think it's cute that they're mismatched.  The third one, not pictured, has a simple print of black text;  the fabric for the fourth chair is the same, but the text is different, and placed differently on the cushion.


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  1. Sausesome, as always...I shoulda grabbed that stuff...but it'd still be sitting in my stash instead of on your groovy chairs. :D


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