24 November 2012

Hooked on Using Unused Space

This one's fairly simple:

This is the empty corner of the master bathroom before.  It's empty, unused wall space that kinda always irritated me, because if it was recessed even just a little, I could have put some small, cute bathroom furniture here.  But nooooo.  Empty wall space.  Right there between the room entry and my closet, and directly across from the toilet cave.

Meanwhile, (a) there's not nearly enough towel storage in this bathroom. The house came with a rinky-dink little towel rack that was IN the toilet cave (because that's useful), which I promptly removed and replaced with a double-hook on the wall-end next to the shower, which is much more useful.  

And (b) everybody's bathrobes ended up in my closet, which, no.

And so... 

Here's that same wall between the doors, after having installed a simple 1/2x4" board (very securely, with wall anchors, and caulked in place, just to be sure), and three silver hooks I had sitting around in the garage.

Now that empty wall has a function and we have a space for our bathrooms and extra towels.  Let's hear it for less crap in my poor cramped closet!

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