27 November 2012

Recipe for Organization

Organized Sewing Patterns (serves 1)

1 file cabinet with broken wheels and lock, free from friend
1 package legal-size hanging file folders
1 package letter-size hanging file folders
1 box of sewing patterns, already organized into manila folders
1 box homemade costume patterns, on various bits of paper and fabric
leftover adhesive-backed door insulation strip

1.   Remove wheels and lock from cabinet.  Use insulation stripping to pad the bottom of the file cabinet edges so it won't scratch the floor. 

2.  Carefully fold and sort costume patterns into folders in top drawer. 

3.  Adjust lower drawer file rack to fit letter-sized folders sideways, and insert regular patterns already in manila folders. 

4.  Recycle empty cardboard boxes, and enjoy your new organized pattern cabinet AND the extra space in the craft room closet! 

And because someone is always curious about this, here's what I do with my store-bought patterns: 

Slice open the pattern jacket, and glue the front to the outside of a folder, and the back to the inside. Label the folder tab, unfold the pattern pieces to fit inside the folder. Done.  Much easier to store and locate them, I feel.  

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