10 November 2012

One More Fireplace Tweak + A New Toy

I know I'm like, the LAST person on the planet to find Olioboard (okay, actually, I found it like a year ago, signed up, and then never used it), but I am obsessed with it the last two weeks!  Rather than designing boards from scratch, I've started by uploading pics of my own furniture, and creating boards based around my existing rooms, so that I can tweak them in the design board to see what's working together, what's not, how the colors are functioning, etc.  It's so much fun!

Living Room Thoughts

Pared down to basic elements, that's my living room.  Aside from the blue chair, which I COVET.  But anyway.   It seems so simple, but it took me like three days to get this to where I wanted it, and it's full of soooo many ideas - ideas for additions, subtractions, and little fixes...

  • I'd been thinking about changing the wooden DVD shelves, but I wasn't sure whether to go with black, or larger shelves, or some other color scheme.  Black and gold has been on my mind a lot lately, but I hadn't even considered it.  Now I know exactly what to do with those shelves.  (And no, I'm not telling. Read the blog. :D )
  • Part of my decor is now and always has been about the houseplants.  Every so often, between new acquisitions and deaths, things planticular get out of whack.  At the moment, I have almost no small plants to tuck into places.  I have several large ones, but none are HUGE and fluffy like I want, they're very vertical and stick-like (mostly by nature of the habit of the particular plant, though a couple of them are pretty near dead).  
  • I haven't changed my mind about the fabric for the Day Sofa, but I DID decide to do something really cool to it that I hadn't considered before.  
  • I'd taken the rug out of the living room to clean it, and then didn't put it back in, because it'd been raining, and the dogs, and the mud, etc.  I've decided to stop obsessing about a rug altogther.  I like how things work together without one.  I'm just a bare floor person.  
  • While I didn't change the art over the fireplace, I did change the art over the fireplace. Wait...


Note the painting in the lower right corner, leaning behind the Buddha .  ("The Soul of a Rose" or "My Sweet Rose" by JW Waterhouse, which is one of my very favorite paintings ever).  

Other issues:  too much BS on the mantel (that wasn't intentional, I just stashed it all there when I painted that gold frame around the sheet mirror a few weeks ago).  

Also the mirror itself.  While I do like a darker, aged-bronze-i-er gold against these gray walls, this soft, champagne-gold is nooooot the right gold at ALL.  And while I love a mirror up here, this one is just too big. 


Muuuuch better.  Even for a night-time pic, which I keep swearing I'll stop doing.  (Not a photographer, you guys).  

"Rose" is now not only up off the floor and hanging on the wall, but twice the size it was, thanks to one of my other favorite websites, BlockPosters.com.   

I'm a big fan of leaning large art on top of things, but I opted to hang this one, to keep the fireplace separate from the wall above it.  It makes the fireplace look a bit squatty (it IS squatty), but I feel like now it's a more balanced wall, and less of a giant rectangle of stuff.  

(Again, the accessories on the mantel are just kinda shoved there until I have time to work on it; ditto the stuff on the floor, of which there is far too much in this shot).  

(Nope. Still haven't painted the living room ceilings. Or done anything about that random cord on the floor. Dont' look at those. WIP). 

All hail the internet:
    This post brought to you by: 

Olioboard, my newest favorite toy

Pinterest, my source for inspiration, beauty, and LULZ


BlockPosters.com, without which there would be no art in my house.  

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