07 May 2013

Painting Furniture

Once upon a time, I was a die-hard opponent of painting furniture.  How dare you do that to wood! Beautiful wood!  My mother raised me that way.  And in many cases, I still believe it to be true.  But in this case, number one, I'd already refinished the dressing table in my bedroom twice before, and was ready to try a paint job on it, and number two, it's not like I can't undo it if I want.  Which I won't, at least not any time soon.

Because I luuuurve it.  It's plain ol' black.  And actually, it's not - it's a very deep, nearly-black charcoal gray (it's black, for all intents and purposes).  This, because I didn't have enough black to go around (there are more black projects coming up in the next few weeks), and so I mixed all my blacks and my darkest grays together to see what happened.  This was the first test.

If you'll recall, this is what the dressing table looked like before:


And here it is now:

(I promise to fix the camera situation soon, sorry for the bad phone pics). 

Obviously the top needs some sort of organization and/or styling - stuff is just thrown on there for now, because I'm actually thinking of re-doing the entire jewelry wall, and [finally] doing something spiffy with the mirror.

More soon.

knob: same as the ones I used in the master bathroom.


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