22 May 2013

Hoop There It...Nah. I can't. I Just Can't.

I almost did.


These were inspired by an Etsy pair that I saw on Pinterest not too long ago.  I really love the ocean tones of the original pair, but I have a LOT of blue and green jewelry, and I wanted this shape, but something more neutral that I could wear with black.  I wear a lot of black, and while I like adding color with jewelry, sometimes I don't want to - and sometimes I want more than plain silver or gold.

Hence:  these.  They're just made with leftovers - glass pearls and beads, and some silver and pewter spacer beads.  The ear wires and hoops are all one long piece of wire from a spool of memory wire.

I had hoped to get several more pieces made; but I ended up spending three freaking hours cleaning up my jewelry supplies.  Loose bits strewn all over the four boxes of parts and tools that I keep, two bowls of discarded and broken necklaces and bracelets as well as a bunch of widowed earrings.    I sorted through it all, fixed several pieces and returned them to my jewelry box, put everything in its right place, and dismantled  several old pieces to use for parts for new projects. Whew!  My hands were SO TIRED.

I did, however, throw a couple of old charms onto a scrap of chain, which I'm wearing with the beaded hoops today:

A clear Fluorite half-crystal, and an old ring that's too small

In related news, I got a new phone that takes WAY better pictures than my old one.  The bad news is, I haven't figured out how to do the "selfie" thing with this new one, which is why I had to take these off to show them to you.  Derp.  I'll get the hang of it eventually.


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