24 October 2013

Design Style

About once a year, I like to scour the internet for "what's my design style?" type quizzes and see what's changed.  Mostly just because I like quizzes.

They were helpful for me when I didn't know what I liked.  And they've been helpful to me when friends have asked me for pointers on design choices and paint colors.

But mostly, I just like quizzes.  So here are a couple, just for fun.  :)


Country French 
You are drawn to a rustic but refined style that feels comfortable and livable for today's families. Your version of Country French style may be rustic (think glazed pottery and chunky woven baskets) or more refined (think gilded details). Either way, patterned fabrics such as toile, stripes, and fleur-de-lis motifs will help you set the tone. Incorporate details such as stucco walls, wrought-iron accents, and furniture with carved details for an old-world look.



Your style is Romantic

Elegant yet relaxing. Luxurious fabrics, soft colors, fresh florals. Appeals to all the senses and sets a warm mood. My home has Romantic style.


And thank you to THESE PEOPLE for offering a picture of a woman by herself and smiling, amongst their "life phase" options - not "which couple are you" but "single woman" being a VALID CHOICE.  You guys rock  ("single man" was also a choice!).


Okay, so this is neat.  You have to sign up to get the results (like everywhere else), but this one does some things I like a lot: 
  • offers this handy little table, showing you what percentages of each style you picked
  • shows each of your quiz choices in a sidebar so you can see them at a glance
  • You can create a home design profile, room-by-room, with areas for writing notes about each space, pictures of them.  They offer design services (of which I have not availed myself). 
  • Tons of articles and links to suppliers, like everywhere else. 
How neat.  

Anyway.  Back to being bored at work.  ;) 


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