18 October 2013

Table Time

This is my living room coffee table:

This is my living room coffee table on drugs:

I adore it, don't get me wrong.  In fact, though it was covered in nicks and scratches, I spent about two hours the other day scrubbing the top, running a thin sheen of stain over it to cover up the marks, and then oiling it to a nice, slick shine again.  This table's not going anywhere.

But it IS too large for the seating area in my living room right now.  I'm not sure what I'll do with it next, but it's got to come out.  I'm ready for something new.

If you've been following long, you might remember the trunk table that I turned into a small shelving unit for my printer and computer supplies.  I kept the doors that I removed from the top, thinking I might use them for something one day.

So I had an idea the other day.  I took apart that two-tiered side table I found last bulk day...

That was easy.  The legs unscrew, too, so this thing will be really easy to refinish, when I get to that stage.  First the top, though.  I had thought about a round top, like this:

Pinterest, via Helt Enkelt

But then I thought, what about those door pieces from the old trunk table?

Not sure.  Two of them will make a top exactly the right size to be useful but not [as] prone to clutter, without being too large for the base.  (All three is definitely right out).  The original top is too small.  I don't have a sheet of plywood large enough to cut out a circle...but maybe if I put the three trunk doors together and then cut a circle...Hm.  Just not sure yet. 

I'll be at an SCA event tomorrow; I'll work on this some more Sunday.  Ta! 


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  1. My fav table you had was when you cut down the legs on the dinning room table -- I loved it square -- matter of fact, that is what inspired my coffee table -- although I didn't craft it, I shopped for it, but it is a HUGE square and I LOVE it.. and .. just like yours, my guest always find there way to sitting on it :-)


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