03 December 2014

Guest Bath No More

Now it's BFF's bathroom!  And it's white no longer:

Here's the before...

That's Olympic "Turquoise Mist", if anybody's wondering.


This idea came from Pinterest (really, what doesn't anymore?)  A trash bag tied over the toilet tank - no paint to clean off the porcelain, and the bag doubles as a handy-dandy receptacle for all your painting trash at the end of the job.

Know what I discovered today?  If you flush the toilet while the bag's on the tank, POKE A HOLE IN THE BAG.  It did this crazy thing where it tried to swallow itself because of the air being sucked out of the bag by the retreating water, LOL.  0_0

I like to rock out with my caulk out.

Now the bathroom just needs BFF's stuff!  She moves in in a week and a half! :D


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