01 December 2014

The Tacky Cat Statue Gets A Starry Makeover

So, I've had this silly ceramic cat since I was like 17.   She guards my house. Hee.  She's been many colors - last year she underwent some serious structural repairs, and went pink and gold:

Today I gave her a new makeover:

It doesn't show well in the picture, but all the stars and highlights are silver, not white, so she's all shimmery and sparkly.  I had every intention of painting the entire cat blue and starry, but then the nighttime-forest thing happened at the bottom, and the clouds, and she became an entire night scene. 

The highlights along her angles would NOT come out with a brush, or a pen (that got painted over like three times, actually), so I ended up just rubbing silver paint onto the edges with my fingers.  When in doubt:  fingerpainting!  LOL.  

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